How to Find a Good HVAC Contractor

HVAC contractor licensing is the first criterion for the selection. Class A contractors have the state permit for the installation, repair, and maintenance of the HVAC systems. Class B contractors have the limitation in the handling of cooling, ventilation and the heating systems. The licensing criteria and the examination methods may vary in the various states. But the certification shall result in the granting of the License. Make sure your contractor has obtained it from the state government authority. DHL Mechanical is heatings experts and can advise any number of great in floor heating systems , as well repair current boilers, and systems .

The second criterion is the liability insurance for the property damages and /or personal injuries occurred during the installation, repair and the maintenance procedures. As a homeowner, you will be responsible for paying the part deductibles which will be mentioned in the quote. The two legal criteria enable the HVAC contractor to work on your projects without any hassles. While searching, you need to ensure the fulfillment of the two criteria by the HVAC contractor.

Technical Criteria

Conformance to the HVAC duct standards, NFPA, OSHA, ANSI, ASTM, and the state energy and mechanical codes are the key technical criteria for the contractor. The staffs working for the contractor should be trained and certified for all the above standards from the state authorized training and certification centers. You can get to know about the details from the company profile in their website. If the contracting company is located in your local region, it is possible to interact with the directly and get the details. You can also read the online reviews about the contractor to know the details.

Client Testimonials

Read the online client testimonials on the unbiased social media to learn about their experience with the professional service provider (PSP). If you search for installation, repair, or maintenance, it is better to read the related testimonials to evaluate the PSP accurately. But they may not give you the complete description about the contractor from the practical perspective every time. So, you need to go one step ahead and contact the HVAC contractor in his office.

Personal Interaction

During the personal interaction you can check the licensing, insurance, certification, and the quality standards of the company and the workforce. It is possible to assess their experience and expertise by asking a few simple queries.

NFPA-96 Fire Protection

The standard is meant for the ventilation control and the fire protection.  It describes the fire-proof installation and configuration procedures of the heating, cooling, ventilation and the air conditioning systems. The contractor should have the knowledge about the fire rated floor ceiling assembly, exhaust hood, weather protected opening, access panels, and the exhaust and the discharge systems. Installation of fire-actuated dampers, airstream detectors, inline fans, and the extinguishing equipment should be done according to the NFPA standards. If the contractor can perform these activities, before the HVAC installation, you can depend on the service quality and safety standards of the contractor. Certification from the NFPA is an important criterion which can increase the trust factors of the contractor.

Energy Rating

Every state in the USA has its unique energy rating system for the HVAC systems. The goal is to utilize the available resources for generating the optimum energy for the heating and cooling for the entire home. The contractor shall take all the required measures to prevent the loss of energy by recycling the exhaust gasses, excess heat, and the other renewable sources to make the system more fuel efficient.  At the same time, he shall take the measures to prevent the exhaust of harmful chemicals, gasses and the other form of emissions to preserve the EPA green standards. You can check the energy rating and green certificates given by the state energy department and the federal EPA. If the contractor has the two certifications, you can consider him for your HVAC projects without any hassles.

HVAC Experience

The contractor and his team should have the relevant experience in the installation, configuration, repair and maintenance of the HVAC systems for multiple types of homes and apartments. Familiarity with the ASTM-E2690, E2231, C411, and the ANSI/UL standards for the fuel storage and supply, boiler/heater, heat exchange system, dehumidifier, Hydronic systems; supply and return pipes, central cooling and heating systems, and the radiant heating systems is critical and important.

Customization Expertise

The experienced HVAC contractor should also have the expertise for customizing the system according to the specific design and architecture of your home. If the apartment has a basement, the installation of the fuel storage, boiler/heater, cooler, and the duct base can be done in there. Otherwise, the PSP should have the expertise to design the entire system in an energy efficient manner. You can know about his abilities by contacting the existing customers. You can ask for the client referrals from the contractor company and speak to them before taking a decision. Make sure you have covered all the technical aspects and the costing. You can request them for a personal visit to their apartment and experience the efficiency of the output firsthand. Ask them about the helpdesk and emergency services provided by the PSP.

Scalability Factors

The HVAC contractor should be able to upscale and downsize the installation and the connections according to your changing requirements in the future. He should be able to upgrade the existing heating and cooling systems to match with the increasing demand by using the most cost competitive methods and quality materials.

Quote Comparison

An expert HVAC contractor will submit the detailed quote for the installation, repair, and maintenance only after inspecting the installation site/ installed systems. He may give you the referrals for the material and device supplies from the OEM. He shall specify the installation, and labor guarantee according to the State’s HVAC regulations. The device and equipment warranty will be directly from the manufacturer which will be executed by the contractor.

Get the detailed quote from him and compare it with the similar quotes from the other PSPs in your region. Prepare a spreadsheet table to list out the technical, functional, and costing factors for every product, installation, and the related labor. Finally you can take a decision on the best HVAC contractor.

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