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What’s In Floor Heating?

It is actually a type of heating system that is placed under your floor so that the whole place is evenly warmed. That’s probably why it is also called an in-floor heating system or radiant heating. There are three types of  underfloor radiant heating systems, one that is water-based, another air-based, and one which is electricity based. 

Types of Heat Boiler System

As we said earlier, there are three types of radiant floor heating systems, and they are as follows:

Hydronic In  Floor Heating

This heating system pumps hot water through small tubes right from the boiler installed under the floor. It will feel like radiators are installed all over your floor, but it will never get uncomfortably hot. The heat will always be even and pleasant. 

You can change the heating temperature by controlling the hot water flowing through the tubes. Your whole space will be nice and toasty; you’ll want to hug your floor. 

Electric Radiant Floor Heating

If it is difficult for you to handle the installation costs of a hydronic heating system, which can be quite high, you can consider electric radiant floor heating instead. It doesn’t require any boiler or water to operate. All you require is a carpet of thin wires that will be put under the floor. You should have a thick concrete floor to retain the heat, though. 

You will need an electrician to do the necessary installation for you. But you will have to consider the electricity bills. It may not be possible for you to heat the whole house with it. But you can consider it for spot heating. 

Air Radiant Heating System

The main purpose of a radiant heating system is to prevent the loss of your body heat. So an effective way to achieve it is through the expulsion of cold outside air. In this heating system, warm air is passed through tubes, which are heated by a heat source that can be anything such as solar energy. The warm air will heat up the floor, which will then radiate into the surroundings. 

In Canada, the air is heated with the help of a furnace since it’s more convenient. Everyone has a furnace or two in their homes here. Air radiant heating systems are not as fast as the other two systems since air doesn’t retain heat much. That’s why this heating system is less common.

Why In Floor Heat Boiler ?

They say that the best heating system is the one that doesn’t show itself, and the radiant heating system holds true to that. Since it remains under your floor, you won’t feel its presence but only its pleasant warmth traveling through your feet up to your body. 

Radiant heating system is not all about aesthetics, though. It can be your primary source of heat, warming up your entire home while keeping your energy costs down. The hot water tubes or electricity cables release thermal energy upwards from underneath the floor and warm up any objects it meets in its way. Those objects then release the heat they captured. 

This way, you remain comfortable even though the air temperature remains the same because the surrounding objects don’t steal your body heat away. 

Conventional Heating vs. Radiant Heating System

In conventional forced air heating systems, the hot air  is released into the cold surroundings. It moves up since it’s light and drops back down as it cools. This makes a stratified environment which is quite uncomfortable.  Your upper body will feel hot while your toes feel frozen. 

The warmth cycles, if you turn on the furnace, it will blow out hot air, but as soon as it reaches the desired temperature, it turns off. You immediately feel the cold. Hot air travels up in the radiant heating system as well, but that process is very slow. The cold air manages to stay up for very long.

In Floor Heat Boiler Heating Advantages

Let us share some cool advantages of a radiant heating system with you. You’ll be compelled to positively consider it if you don’t already.

  • As is evident from its name, the radiant heating system is installed under the floor. It is invisible to the eye. 
  • You can install this heating system almost anywhere, be that upstairs, downstairs, new home, renovated home, just one room, or the whole building. You can install it as per your needs. 
  • This heating system is more energy-efficient than a central heating system. If you pair the hydronic radiant heating system with a pump system, then it is 40% more efficient than radiators. This automatically translates into your energy bills.
  • Energy efficiency also means that the carbon emission associated with energy use will also be less. So, you will be doing the planet some good as well.
  • Unlike some heating sources, the radiant heating system has no hot points or sharp edges, which could potentially harm kids or seniors. The floor will never be too hot to walk on.
  • The radiant floor heating system is very low maintenance.  You will be able to control the temperature via the thermostat and won’t have to turn it on or off.

In Floor Heat Boiler Heating System in Calgary

 If you live anywhere in Calgary,  why in floor heating is so important, especially in autumn and winters. Radiant flooring is a very good choice of heating system. If you have warm floors will make you forget about cold, to begin with. 

We’ve already listed why we prefer radiant heating systems vs forced air heat. If you agree with us and want to install one for your home, we’d suggest you go for the hydronic radiant heating system for your whole house. We have an experienced, licensed, and professional team of technicians and experts on standby at all times. 

As soon as you book us and confirm the meeting,  We’ll tell you what suits your house best and how much it’d cost. To avoid any problems in the future, we’ll give you a document with all our packages and their costs so that you can go with whatever is the best fit for you. 

After that, we’ll bring in the supplies and start installing the system; before you know it, your heating system will be ready and warm. However, that’s not the only thing we do. We can repair your leaking hydronic radiant heating system or malfunctioning air or electric radiant heating system. Maybe your thermostat is showing higher temperature, but you beg to differ, or you may just need a system of service to prepare the system for the coming winters.

Whatever it is, residents of Calgary can give us a call or book us online anytime, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We offer a 1-year guarantee on our services and the parts we use

Frequently Asked Questions

Although it depends on your materials, a radiant heating floor system can easily last for 30 to 35 years if good quality material is used and attention is paid to its maintenance. 

No, heated floors are quite safe. The wires used in the electric radiant heating system are checked multiple times and insulated for safety purposes. The heat is never uncomfortable or dangerous to walk, sit or lay on.

Radiant heating systems are mostly very low maintenance. The only maintenance they may require is boilers and pumps in the hydronic radiant heating system. But the pumps that come these days have a very long life span that can also be crossed out.

Yes, they are, especially, hydronic radiant heating systems. They are 40% more efficient than your radiators.


To sum things up, we believe that the benefits of radiant floor heating outweigh its cons easily. Among the three radiant floor heating systems, if you need to install one or maintain it, we can help. 

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