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Calgary Residential boiler installation

Calgary New Boiler Installation

Residential boiler installation in Calgary involves setting up heating systems that use boilers in homes. This service includes selecting and placing boilers, connecting them to the heating infrastructure, and ensuring they operate efficiently to provide warmth and hot water for households. DHL Mechanical is Calgary New Boiler installtion experts , We specialize in Boiler and Service, Install and supply the best brands for Alberta Winters. Some of top Brand are :

Most of you might not need this definition, but we’ll just throw it out there; a boiler is a hydronic system that uses hot water to transfer heat to where it’s required. The boiler sends heat through the water using radiators, where it is returned back to the boiler for heating again to repeat the same cycle. 

Boilers are considered more efficient than air-forced heating systems since they don’t spread allergens, dust, and various other harmful substances. Also, boilers keep the temperatures consistent. Residential boiler systems are the ones that are used for domestic purposes in households.

How Do Residential Boilers Work?

Boilers heat water in a tank where it is stored and then use either the steam or the hot water to distribute the warmth via radiators in households. Most residential boilers use hot water, but some big homes may use steam to keep warm. 

Most residential boilers use natural gas to operate. In some areas where natural gas lines are not present, propane or oil is used as fuel. Boilers are common in colder areas because their heating is good.

Types of Residential Boilers

Like we said, there are two types of residential boilers; hot water boilers and steam boilers. In hot water boilers, the hot water stored in the tank travels in pipes and radiators to increase the temperature of its surroundings. 

In steam boilers, though, steam produced by the hot water is propelled through the pipes and radiators to warm up its surroundings. It also heats up the water used in the kitchen, washroom, etc., so there is no need for a separate tank.

High-Efficiency Boilers

Both your steam boiler and the hot water boiler can be high efficiency. If your unit has served you for more than 10 years, then it’s time that you replace it. 

Let us explain it like this: when heating water, normal boilers waste some energy in the process of conducting. High-efficiency boilers don’t let that happen. They capture the heat that tries to escape and direct it back to the heating process. This means you will burn less fuel, saving both money and resources. 

So, our advice to you is that replace your old boiler with a new, highly efficient one. It may cost you a bit during installation, but you will offset that with low gas bills and fuel costs.

Combustion Analysis

You may not have heard of this if you aren’t an expert in the field. But combustion analysis is required by every boiler if it is to operate at full efficiency. In this analysis, you find out the exact ratio of air-to-fuel for the burner. 

It is often ignored in new boilers and maintenance services, but it can be a very important factor in determining the life of your boiler. The person who installs the boiler for you hooks it up with gas without calibrating it, thinking the company would have done it. But if the combustion process of your boiler is not right, it will face issues. The constant soot that it will produce may choke the boiler, causing it to stop working. 


Requesting Maintenance Services

You may request our services if you notice anything wrong with your boiler. The following are just a few problems that are commonly noticed in residential boilers.

Pilot light

If you notice that the pilot light of your boiler is not on or it goes out right after you turn it on, then there could be two problems. It is either a draft blowing it out, or there is debris clogging the burner. So check your pilot light, and if the problem persists, call  us  today

Water Pressure

Your boiler might be working, but you may notice the low water pressure meter. This can happen if there is a leak somewhere or your pressure relief valve is malfunctioning. You can’t solve these problems on your own; you should call technicians to pinpoint the problem and solve it for you. 


It could be that your thermostat has stopped working. It just requires a simple replacement, if you can manage it on your own, you get down to it, or you can call us. 


It is the rumbling sound that your boiler makes when there is a buildup of limestone inside it. It indicates that the health of your boiler is not good and that it needs a good clean-up and service; otherwise, it may completely stop working. It is always best to call professionals for this purpose so that you don’t make things worse if you run into an unexpected problem.

Residential Boiler Services

A boiler is a prized possession of every household in cold countries, especially in Canada. One can’t imagine surviving through winters without a properly functioning boiler. If you want to get by through a cold wintry day in December, you definitely need hot water and a warm house. Otherwise, you will be very uncomfortable, and that’s putting it mildly.

DHL Mechanical offers boiler installation, replacement, and maintenance services. If you don’t want to be left stranded in the midst of snowy, harsh winters with a boiler that has run its course, you must consider servicing or replacing it now while the weather is still warm. 

Even if your boiler is perfectly fine, you should still get it checked and serviced so that it doesn’t become a headache in the middle of winter DHL Mechanicaloffers the best services in this field with its team of expert, licensed, and very knowledgeable technicians. 

Currently, our services are only available to the residents of Calgary; we plan to expand to other areas in the near future. Call us or book us online anytime, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Since we use only high-quality materials and offer only the best services, there is a 1-year guarantee on our services and the parts we use.

Frequently Asked Questions

The life of a regular boiler is 15 to 20 years. It may vary depending on how you take care of it. But if your boiler is requiring maintenance more than often, then it’s time for you to consider replacing it.

The best thing for you to do here would be to call experts like Alpha Plumbing. They’d investigate the issue thoroughly and then tell you what the best course of action is.

Servicing your boiler every once a year would be recommended by most experts. It may vary; if your boiler shows faults, you may have to service it twice or thrice a year. 


Boilers are very important for the residents of cold regions like Calgary. Ensuring that your boiler is in top condition should be your priority if you don’t want to freeze in winter. Whether you want to install a new boiler, replace the old one or get the current one maintained, we do it all but only for the residents of Calgary. Call us now or book us online, and then we can discuss things further. 

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