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Commercial boiler - Calgary , AB

A boiler breakdown in the middle of winter may result in several hours of misery for tenants, clients, and staff at an industrial or business unit in Calgary.

Sadly, boiler issues most frequently arise in winter since systems have to run longer to generate adequate heat.

However, we guarantee that with the commercial boiler services offered by our company, your boiler will be properly maintained, fixed as soon as a problem occurs, and updated before it causes you insurmountable issues.

What Do We Offer?

For any business or commercial facility in the Calgary region, we offer the following services:

Boiler maintenance

Performing routine boiler service makes sure that both you and your staff have access to adequate heating throughout the year.

Boiler repairs

Is your boiler in your company having issues? Before something turns into a catastrophe, we’ll arrive and solve it.

Boiler upgrade & installation

When your current boiler approaches the breaking point, we can replace it with a new one.

The Commercial Boiler Maintenance Services

A commercial boiler can endure for ages if you follow sound routine maintenance.

If not, you could have to pay a lot for repeated maintenance, new components, and a new boiler.

The commercial boiler maintenance services listed below can help your boiler last longer and avoid problems:

Inspection and cleaning

Your industrial boiler will keep running as efficiently as possible all year long if grime and smoke are cleaned from it.

The kind of issues that might cause commercial boilers to break down at some point can be avoided with a straightforward yearly maintenance inspection and cleanup from our certified professionals.

Combustion Study

Your boiler’s outputs must adhere to both the Clean Air Act and federal safety regulations.

Our professionals undertake combustion studies using cutting-edge diagnostic tools. We make absolutely sure that the boiler gases adhere to regulations. So, upon issues, we advise you on how to make your boiler compliant.

Chemical Treatment

The boiler’s feed and water system require chemical measures to keep it operating effectively.

Inability to carry out this crucial service can lead to scale buildup and pipe corrosion, which will reduce performance and finally cause the boiler to collapse.

Using the appropriate chemical methods, we’ll prevent you from getting this and increase the lifespan of your boiler.

Examination of Commercial Backflow Preventers

Boiler water sources are susceptible to contamination, which can lead to major issues.

This is avoided by industrial backflow protection, which should undergo yearly testing to ensure proper operation. Your system will undergo testing, and repairs will be made if necessary.

Installation & Replacement of Commercial Boilers

Some industrial boilers have a lifespan of up to 50 years.

The best opportunity for your boiler to endure ages is through a routine maintenance schedule from qualified boiler specialists, but eventually, the expense of yearly service and component replacements will force you to consider a new boiler installation.

We can install a brand-new system in a newly constructed home or fix an old, malfunctioning boiler in any business or industrial building in Calgary.

Common advantages of a new commercial boiler

Common advantages of a new commercial boiler include Lower gas and electricity expenses due to increased fuel efficiency; Safety: An outdated boiler may cause risks like electrical problems or leakage in your building.

  • Your boiler will no longer leak or make odd noises.
  • You won’t have to worry about finding replacement components.
  • More room since modern boilers are often smaller than older ones

What should you expect from us?

The most common types of commercial boilers used in Calgary buildings are covered by our commercial boiler maintenance, repair, upgrade, and installation services.

What we do is:

  • Settle before we start with specific price indicators
  • Done using the best tools and resources available
  • Executed by trained, qualified technicians

We like to view any business property in Calgary’s southwest, southeast, or northwest since we don’t like setbacks.

Funding will be offered if necessary, and the one-year components and labor warranty back to all services.

Frequently Asked Questions

An effective boiler receives regular maintenance. It will last more, consume less power, and hence expense you less money to operate. Once they have an opportunity to grow into expensive difficulties or even major repairs, a business boiler service can spot possible problems earlier.

Your boiler should really be operating at its peak performance after industrial boiler activation, but maintenance makes sure it operates as accurately as possible to its level of capability.

Your commercial boiler must be serviced at least once every twelve months to be safe and avoid boiler breakdowns. Additionally, by doing this, you’ll make sure it’s operating as effectively as possible, which can help you spare money on your electricity prices.

Depending on the kind and kilowatt capacity, a commercial boiler servicing will vary in price, but you should budget roughly around £200 for one without spare parts.

Examining all interior and exterior components is part of a commercial boiler service. The technician starts by ensuring the boiler, pipes, and chimney are fitted properly. He then checks for air circulation, and the boiler’s flare examines for leaks and checks for any indications of rust. The boiler enclosure is then taken off to allow for a more thorough examination of each inner portion, including the burner, exchangers, main nozzle, spark sensor, power cables, fans, gaskets, air pressure and circulation, flue and ignition, electrode materials, condensate pit and pipe, and safety gear. Afterward, any obstructions or filth are completely cleaned out of the boiler’s interior.


The majority of contemporary commercial boilers are quite effective and durable, but to prevent any unwelcome interruptions, you should have them frequently maintained by a certified gas specialist. You only need to give us a call if your industrial boiler does collapse.

To all of our beloved Calgary citizens, we offer repair and commissioning services for commercial boilers. We have a staff that can offer options for all of these issues, whether it is a simple servicing, new installation, transferring your boiler to a new site, or if your boiler is suddenly acting up. Call us right now or reserve us online!