7 Reasons Homeowners Switch Heating

The in floor heating boiler works on the principle of thermodynamic emission of radiation in the infrared zone of the environment. Hence, the system doesn’t heat the air molecules directly from the source. The result is the faster transmission of the waves onto the objects and people present in the room. The materials used in the floor, wall and the ceiling preserve the heat over an extended period after heating. The two factors keep the energy consumption at the minimum level and enhance the heating efficiency and duration. DHL Mechanical is heatings experts and can advise any number of great in floor heating systems , as well repair current boilers, and systems . 

Cost Effective

The low to moderate temperature range required to heat every square inch of your room helps you save on the energy expenses. You can calculate the cost of the conventional heating system with the radiant type for every unit time and every Watt of energy consumed with the output heat per unit time. The cost-effectiveness is due to the heating efficiency. On an average, you can save more than 70% of the cost spent on the conventional furnace heating system.


The residential boiler systems works at an efficiency of more than 95% during peak utilization hours. It may also reach 98% when the load is moderate. This rate is attributed to the minimal loss of heat, consistent pressure, and temperature, optimized energy utilization, etc. The average volume of fuel (gas, solar power, etc.) for heating the water in the boiler is controlled by the consumption /unit time by the radiant heating panels.

By designing the Right now, the Hydronics system is stated to be the most efficient for radiant heating.

Comfortable and Safe

The radiant system provides comfort due to its gradual and even heating. There are no abnormal variations in the temperature (rise and drop) at any point in time. The transmission is free from pollutants and harmful elements. It creates a deep sensation of warmth within your body, regardless of the climatic conditions around your home. You don’t sweat or lose the essential fluids from your body due to the

Radiant heating is safe due to its natural heating liquid which is water. The Hydronics system uses this most eco-friendly liquid to transfer the heat from the boiler into the interiors of your room. The consistent and even rate of heating keeps the interiors warm. There are no carbon emissions, no short circuits, no overheating, and no risks to the health and well being of the residents.

Hygienic and Healthy

  • Hygiene: The radiant heating system can kill almost all the micron-sized germs and bacteria in the interiors of your home. It can also eliminate the airborne particles of dust, allergens, and other pollutants to keep your home clean and hygiene.
  • Healing: Patients recovering from post-surgical and therapeutic effects (Ex: Chemotherapy) find the radiant heating helpful for early recovery. The absorption of the heat generated by the collision of photons on the skin has the right amplitude to heal the pain, stress, and the negative impact of the medications.
  • Health: The radiant heat increases the health It relaxes the muscles and joints, relieves the pressure in the blood vessels and enables free circulation.



The radiant heating infrastructural elements are exposed to the minimum volume of stress during the operations. Pressure and temperature relief valves at the specific locations can balance the flow rate and avoid threshold levels.

They can work in extreme climatic conditions without warping, cracking, deforming, and suffering other structural damages.

Simple maintenance procedures can keep the radiant heating systems in trouble-free working condition. You can rely on the efficiency of the installation and the maintenance team to perform all the corrective and preventive procedures required for balancing the system efficiency.

Heat Retention

The radiant heat emanating from the panels gets absorbed quickly by the objects and the human body. The retention period is much longer compared to the conventional heating system. It is because of the fundamental difference in the heating mechanism.

The radiant systems don’t heat the air molecules directly. They transfer the heat directly onto the bodies of the objects and people in the room. Hence, the minimum temperature can create warmth. The solid objects retain the heat over the extended period. Of course, the air particles also get heated. But it is due to the heat emitted by the objects when they start cooling. This cycle extends the time for which eh warmth within the room remains at comfortable levels.

The heat retention period depends on the installation method and the insulation procedures adopted by the engineers. They can help you save on costs per unit of heating and improve efficiency.