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Tygon Tubing

Tygon Tubing

Tygon could pass for a synonym to mean excellence, flexibility, expertise, and specialized formulation. The brand has a precise way of complying with industry standards to transfer specialized fluids for different applications.

Everything you should know about Tygon Tubings

What is Tygon Tubing?

Tygon Tubing is a high-performing tubing applicable for industrial and medical applications. The products manufactured from this brand are suitable for the following products:

  • Chemical processing
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Laboratory
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Food and beverage markets

Tygon is a big brand name that offers a variety of tubing products because of its diverse chemical formulations. We wish to offer an outstanding balance of all the different performance properties, so you can always find something to match your project and application. These professional tubings can handle critical industry processes of harsh environmental spaces, so it should be easy for you to find something that will meet the superior demands of your application.

What are the makeup materials for Tygon Tubing?

Is Tygon a PVC? Tygon tubing is a registered brand that gets its name from its high-performing reputation. The different plastic tubings will have the best of industry materials, including the following:

  • PCV
  • Silicone
  • Polyutherane
  • Thermoplastic elastomers
  • Fluoropolymers

Different combinations of materials will lead to different industry standards for countless applications. Some will have more resilience, transparency, smoothness, flexibility, or chemical resistance, among other issues.

Our peristaltic pumps have Tygon tubing that allows a smooth inner lining enough biocompatibility with many different mediums. It should be easy for you to find Tygon flexible tubing with the right kind of hose for each application because it has all the parameters to withstand high pressures, temperatures, mediums, and other conditions. We are ready to discuss more about the conformity levels and issue a possible conformity certificate for verification.

Typical applications of Tybon Tubings

  • The general purpose Tygon Tubing has suitable properties for laboratory applications and flexible use in different environments.
  • The industrial tubings are incredibly resistant to abrasion and aging so that you can use them in diverse chemical applications with chemicals like salts, alcohols, and acids. Some industrial tubes are flexible to withstand deformation, as they transport viscous substances.
  • Food grade Tygon Tubings meet different FDA regulations and are lightweight, flexible, and resistant to chemical abrasion from acids, bases, salts, and other substances.
  • The dairy industry needs clear and transparent Tygon fuel tubing with smooth surfaces to transport foods without the possibility of allowing an accumulation of food debris along the surfaces.
  • Tygon lab Tubing has properties to allow chemical processing or transfer of highly chemical fluids, such as petroleum and hydrocarbons. Most chemical processing tubings are resistant to weather and Ozone conditions, so you should be able to install them in many different settings for the same excellent performance.

Why APT Instruments?

We have thoroughly engineered Tygon hose products that have top-level performance at affordable fees. Our brand does more than rake up the sales; we believe in offering superior products via superior customer support. Would you like to learn more about us and the available products? Contact us online for a personalized consultation.


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