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If you are looking for the most reliable and cost effective radiant hot water heating and plumbing engineers and technicians, you have come to the right place. DHL Mechanical is an established company with over 20 years of experience serving the Calgary area. We cater to all residential hyrdronic unit heaters, radiant heat boilers, hvac systems, gas boilers, plumbing, and various other such requirements.

The boiler experts at DHL Mechanical repair, install, inspect and service all types and all brands of radiant heaters or hydronic heating systems and boilers throughout Calgary. Our radiant heating and boiler technicians are not only highly trained, but they also have a wealth of experience from working with natural gas, propane, electric and even oil fueled boilers. Moreover, we ensure that all of our boiler experts are continuously educated about the latest trends, industry practices and fully understand all of the latest boiler models; this ensures that they’ve the skill, knowledge and ability to efficiently carry out repairs and installation on any type of residential boiler and radiant heating system. In short, our boiler expert technicians have the expertise and knowledge needed to ensure you always receive the best possible services. Our solid reputation has actually been developed through reliability and customer satisfaction, reason why we’re Calgary’s top choice for all boiler and plumbing related services.

From installation to repairs and ongoing servicing, we provide detail oriented, and top quality services which make safety and customer satisfaction our top most priorities. All of our installations, servicing, repairs, cleaning and inspections services aim to extend the lifespan of your boiler and radiant heating system, and ensure that your entire unit is operating efficiently and effectively.

Why Choose Us

Cost Effective
Our clients not only benefit from the training and experience our engineers and technicians bring, but when you contact us, you’re also assured of getting value for your money. We offer the most cost effective and suitable services where possible. For instance, after an inspection, we can suggest you make repairs to your current system instead of doing a replacement or a complete overhaul. Moreover, our highly skilled team of experts is also able to offer you advice on exactly how to keep your heating system running at the optimal efficiency, so as to keep your gas and heating bills down, whilst helping prevent further problems occurring.


A properly installed and well installed boiler and radiant heating system means a much safer home/property, lower fuel costs and lower maintenance costs in the longer-term. That’s why we pride ourselves in always delivering high quality, professional services which put safety first. We want to ensure that our clients understand the real dangers relating to gas, boilers, and hydronics heating systems. It’s easy for one take for granted what these systems do for you day to day. The truth is these systems are potential very dangerous and that’s why all technicians and engineers should know exactly what’s best practice so as to ensure that you and your loved ones are completely safe. Our team of boiler professionals has the skill, training and expertise required to carefully assess, repair, install and maintain your system or equipment, and also make recommendations which will ensure you are completely safe.

Quality Workmanship

Our qualified and committed team of experts has a proven track record of top quality work and absolutely unbeatable customer service. Regardless of whether the job is small or big, DHL Mechanical always provides top quality services and workmanship. All of our expert technicians and engineers are reliable, professional and always strive to meet and exceed all of our clients’ expectations. Moreover, our boiler technicians and engineers are fully certified on radiant and boiler heating systems repairs and installation, and are experienced in troubleshooting all kinds of boiler problems. At DHL Mechanical, you can always count on our radiant and boiler heating experts to efficiently repair your boiler and radiant heating system perfectly, the first time.

At DHL Mechanical, we embrace the latest technologies and modern trends, and we always strive to offer all of our clients the best products and services available in the market. Our friendly, courteous, polite and helpful staff will gladly help you with all of your heating needs right from choosing the best boiler or radiant heat system for your budget and home, to payment options available, and aftercare. Whether you need a small radiant heat system repair, a new installation, maintenance, or you want to have the entire boiler and heating system replaced, you simply need to contact us today at 403-863-8246 or contact us at , and we will gladly be at your service.