How To Avoid Emergency Boiler Repairs

Boiler Repairs


Ensuring that your boiler is properly maintained is critical to its reliability during the cold months of winter. Whether you rely on a boiler to heat your home or a commercial building, winter boiler maintenance should be an annual service you book with The Boiler calgary  Experts at DHL Mechanical each fall or in the early winter see our service area here .

Annual Winter Boiler Maintenance

A professional boiler tune-up with a reputable and experienced company like The Boiler Experts at DHL Mechanical can ensure your boiler is running efficiently and properly. These regular maintenance appointments will also help you keep boiler repairs to a minimum and help you avoid big costly repairs that could have been prevented. A professional winter boiler maintenance check-up should include:

  • Cleaning all of the dust and debris from ventilation areas and combustion air openings
  • Testing your boiler’s water level and low-water fuel cutoff
  • Testing the flame detection components and surveying for soot or evidence of smoke
  • Testing the safety valve
  • Checking for a fluttering or yellow flame, which indicates a possible problem might exist
  • Testing the thermostat
  • Ensuring proper venting
  • Replacing filters
  • Lubricating all motors and associated components
  • Completing additional checks and tests unique to your brand of boiler
  • Any needed boiler repair calgary


How Does Your Boiler Work?

Understanding how your boiler works is a great way to understand why winter boiler maintenance is so important. Essentially boilers heat water and send it through pipes throughout your home or commercial building. Those pipes intersect radiators and ultimately provide heat to the spaces around them. Some older boilers send steam throughout the pipes and into the radiators instead of water but they work in the same way.

Ensuring the proper operation of your boiler helps it safely and efficiently fulfil these simple steps so your space is properly heated all winter long. A poorly serviced boiler can lead to some rooms being warm and some rooms being cold, among many other things. Avoid simple problems with regular winter boiler maintenance services from a reputable company like The Boiler Experts at DHL Mechanical.

Get Your Boiler Up to Speed this Winter

Ensure your family stays warm and comfortable all winter long with professional winter boiler maintenance services from The Boiler Experts at DHL Mechanical. Fore more information or to book a service appointment call

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