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Hot Water Heating Systems


hot water heating systems

Hot Water Heat (also known as Hydronics) is a safe and efficient system for creating a comfortable residential or commercial living space. Water is heated with an energy source, then circulated through a network of pipes and radiators throughout the area to heat. The radiators can be installed in the floor (in-floor radiant heat), along the baseboards (baseboard radiators) or mounted on walls. In Calgary, the energy source is typically natural gas.

Why Hot Water Heat (Hydronics)

  • Rather than blowing hot air into a cold room, in-floor radiant heat warms the floor itself. The result is less variation as compared to the cycle of too hot / too cold that is characteristic of forced air heating.
  • Unlike forced air heating systems, Radiant Hot Water Heat is quiet and doesn’t disturb the air. Since Radiant Hot Water Heat doesn’t disturb the air, it doesn’t raise dust particles or rely on air filters to remove them. Indoor air quality is inherently superior.
  • Everyone knows hot air rises. The warmest air a room heated by forced air is near the ceiling. In contrast, in a room heated by in-floor radiant heat, the warmest area is near the floor where you live. Comfort is achieved at a lower thermostat setting which is good for the environment and good for your budget.
  • Hydronic heating provides precise control over which areas to heat, and how much.
  • A Hot Water Heat boiler is typically about 90% efficient which is far superior to even “high efficiency” furnaces and hot water tanks. Use the same boiler for your hot water supply.
  • Hot Water Heating systems are versatile and adaptable to a wide variety of heat sources, including alternative energy sources.

Hot Water Heat Efficiency

  • Insulate your pipes and hot water tank
  • If you have an older boiler, replace it with a newer model. Modern boilers offer efficiency in the order of 90% – meaning 90% of the fuel energy consumed is converted to heat for your home.


  • The boiler consumes energy, usually natural gas, to heat the water for the Hot Water Heating system.  Boilers can have large steel storage vessels or can be light weight, tankless and wall-mounted.

Boiler Safety

  • While Hot Water Heating systems are very safe when installed correctly, remember that the system contains enough energy to heat your entire house for a long period of time. It should only be serviced by properly certified and licensed technician who specializes in Hot Water Heat.
  • Boilers must have approved temperature/pressure release valves to relieve the pressure before a boiler explosion occurs.
  • Exhaust from burning fossil fuels is poisonous and must be expelled from the home. Care must be taken to ensure that it is not accidentally returned to the home through chimney’s, make-up air supplies, vents, doors and windows.

Hot Water Heat and Boiler Service

  • Emergency Service. If you’re cold, you want it fixed right away. We “get it.”
  • Repair
  • Inspection and Certification
  • Installation
  • Planning and Design