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Grey Water Systems

The combination of water from the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry is quite a bit when we let it all go to waste. There are many possibilities when we decide to do something about it, such as transforming an otherwise dull yard into a lush garden.

Greywater is helping households reuse water and save a lot of money from using freshwater. The first step is doing the plumbing to install the greywater irrigation system, the second is to redirect the water to it, and the third and final step is to make the water-efficient for plants. Our system has a design that allows an ideal filtration setting and reduces toxins that could contact us or other vital things like plants.

Benefits Of Switching To Greywater For Outdoor Household Functions.

Conserve Fresh Water

Using greywater for outdoor functions makes a lot more sense than using freshwater. The amount of water we produce as waste every day is enough for things like yard watering, which means we can save 100% of all the water we put in the garden. This case means it is conducive for projects or homes in dry regions that need all the freshwater they can save in a day.

As a result, you can use fresh water for different functions around the home and avoid unnecessary wastage and water bills. The water efficiency in your home will be a lot better than expected, and you will be glad to save a couple of hundreds of dollars and energy amounts used in circulating fresh water to all these outdoor systems.

On a bigger scale, greywater systems help reduce greenhouse gas emissions because they use less energy to pump and transport the water around the home. Industrial applications can use the system to divert the water into resource-efficient systems and eventually cut down the energy used to pump in freshwater from the municipal.

Control Chemical Consumptions

Water that goes into the public system has a lot of chemicals, which should all be removed with a stringent purification system. Reusing the water means reducing the number of chemicals we dump into the system instead of directing the water to areas that need the chemicals for nutrients.

Enhance Your Home

A multi-stage greywater filtration system offers a great alternative and has nutrients and chemicals that are beneficial for plants. We couple the system with a few other technologies so the water can maintain a beautiful landscape with little effort. Large-scale projects can use drip irrigation and mulch to better the water system and ensure that your yard is better than it could be with fresh water.

Greywater appears to be dirty to the novice observer, but it is the opposite. Using these greywater filtration solutions prevents harm to the soil because we pass the water through filtration to reduce the chemicals. The water goes through more purification when dumped as groundwater because it only gets cleaner as it seeps through the ground before it flows into rivers and underground water catchments.

Our greywater treatment methods for businesses and establishments have been in use for many households and commercial properties and are sure they will fit well with your needs too. Contact us at 800-580-5350 to get a free estimate on residential or commercial greywater treatment.

Grey Water Systems