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You don't want to be without heat in your home when cold weather hits. So, how do you know when it's time to repair your boiler system? Here at DHL Mechanical, our licensed professionals will share tips to help you assess your existing boiler heating system and determine when it's time to repair your boiler.

Your boiler system is inefficient.

An efficient boiler must produce consistent heat that will keep a higher temperature in your home. Dirty water with too many particulates can cause your boiler to go tepid and inefficient. You need to repair your boiler system as soon as possible if your boiler stays lukewarm or it takes a few hours before it heats your home. 

Your boiler system is leaking.

A leak could mean there is a problem with your boiler. If your boiler has worn down, it's likely to develop some leaks at valves and connection points. Contact a professional for repair the moment you notice a leak or pool of water around your boiler.

Your boiler system has an unpleasant smell.

If you notice any unusual smells around your boiler, it's a sign that something is going wrong with your unit. A burning plastic or metal smell may indicate that certain circuits or elements are overheating. Sulfur-like or egg-like smells might indicate that the boiler gas is leaking.

Your boiler system gives strange sounds.

Boilers make sounds during operation, but if it starts to make a lot of sounds, something is likely wrong with your unit. Gurgling or whistling sounds could indicate that the water pressure is too low. Clunking, banging, and whirring sounds could mean that the fan or pump has worn out. The experts at DHL Mechanical can inspect your boiler and find a solution. 

Your energy bills are higher.

It's time to repair your boiler if you notice an unexplained or sudden rise in your energy bill. Different faults can force the boiler to work harder to supply the standard level of warmth you expect for your home, which affects your monthly energy bills. Don't continue to pay more bills: call our experts to help you fix your boiler.

Your boiler produces inadequate heat.

 Your boiler may be generating heat but unable to deliver it if your home never seems to reach the required temperature. Issues with not having enough heat in your home may be a result of buildup in your water tank or short circuits in your thermostat. Check your boiler thermostat settings while the unit is running before making a service appointment. Call an expert if your home is still not heating,

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When you need to repair your boiler system, call the HVAC experts at DHL Mechanical. As one of the trusted heating service providers, we've worked on every heating issue you can ever imagine. Our licensed HVAC professionals will come to your home, evaluate your boiler, and assess repair needs. Call our office at 403-863-8246 or 250-868-9948 to schedule a boiler repair service.

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