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The boiler is an essential piece of equipment in any home. When installed and working correctly, the boiler provides hot water and heating to keep you warm throughout the winter months. Should your boiler break down, it can turn into a significant inconvenience for your household. This is especially true when it occurs at the coldest time during the year. It is recommended that you hire professionals for boiler installation, so it gets done right the first time.

Hiring the Best Boiler Services

There are several things that you can look for when it comes to residential boiler repair, including:

Type of Boiler System

The kind of boiler you want often determines the type of boiler installers you need. This is because different kinds call for different methods of installation. For example, a boiler with venting for the outside calls for a different process than one that has a sealed combustion chamber. It is a good idea to check with the building department in your area before hiring an installer to ensure the type of boiler they specialize in maintaining or installing.


Most boiler installation companies have a portfolio that includes photos of their performed jobs. This shows their past work and overall experience in the field. Always gather references and a portfolio (if available) before deciding.


Should you need help deciding on the kind of boiler system to meet your needs, the installer should be familiar with them and use them for installations often. You want then familiar enough with their products so they can recommend a good model for your home, provide a quality installation, and have the ability to address heating maintenance and repair work moving forward.

License and Insurance

Any company performing boiler installation should have the appropriate license to do so. Without an active installation license in the area, you should be looking elsewhere for an installation team. Additionally, your boiler repair company should have insurance to cover any damages that could take place during the project in your home. A dependable, forthright company will be more than happy to provide you with references, licensing, and insurance details for your records.

Experience and Reputation

When it comes to professional work performed on your property, you will always find that experience and reputation go a long way. If you hire a company that has been in the heating industry for years, they understand what to look for and how to address tricky situations that could arise during a repair or installation. By the same token, word of mouth is priceless in any field. Always see if you know anyone with insight into the company you are interested in. Reputation speaks for itself.

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